It is Easier to Leave Than to be Left Behind

You must agree with me on this :-). No? You have to! He he… no no. I don’t mean to push you to agree with me. But try to see it from my perspective.

Leaving and being left behind are two reverse things which both are unpleasant. The former represents an action, while the other implies passivity. Leaving somehow means that you are moving forward, you make the choice to ending something then creating a new beginning. Being left is different. Being left means you are not given any choice, you only need to accept. It is definitely bitterer.

Dumped. It is bitter when you love, you adore, and you hope… only to know in the end you are dumped. Some people are so lucky to not having this experience in their life. But thank God, most people have been dumped, at least once. Including me? He he, of course! When I typed “he he” I was factually smiling because now those experiences seems so funny like… in an ironic way.

Death. You know how hard it is to be left by your loved ones, right? Without doubt, death is the cruelest parting in human history. Your loved one left you, forever. How surreal that is! While you ought to stand still, can’t do much but to suppress your pain and to accept the tragedy with your graciousness.

I am not saying that leaving is easy. Not at all. Even to leave something (or someone) has its own obscurity. Especially when you think what you left is precious, or when you know whom you left is hurting. Nonetheless, as long as you see your destination and you are able to envision contentment in the new direction, why not go for it? We live only once and life is so short.

Ah, please don’t frown, my friend. As much as I know how hard to leave, it is easier than being left! Mark my word: e-a-s-i-e-r.

Biggest Fear

There it is. Being left is my biggest fear after loneliness. Being left will put me at my lowest state of insecurity, will make me feel worthless. Sometimes it makes me start questioning what’s the point of living a life like that. No point. Life is like a stage show, isn’t it? We play roles. We experience ups and downs. We are leaving and… being left behind. Damn.

* The title is taken from R.E.M.’s song: Leaving New York.


8 thoughts on “It is Easier to Leave Than to be Left Behind

  1. Melissa says:

    I cannot help but comment on this one! Even when I have other bits to reply to you before. I agree with it being easier… the cynic in me anyway. But the song goes ahead and says “leaving was never my proud”, so bottomline… nothing is easy. ugh…

  2. first of all, aargh!!! I didn’t mean to post this today. I remember I scheduled this post like… for the end of february because I wanted to revise things. but here it is. with your comment on it 🙂

    and yes, dear. nothing is easy.

  3. daradam dadammmmm… indeed, nothing is easy. and should I agree with you, dear? this time I have to say I don’t. Leaving is also hurt as hell. when I tried to leave someone, it did not lead me to a better way, instead it pushed me to a worse kind of life. yes, I managed to overcome that.. but the road.. also painful.. hiks 😦

    anyway, geat post!!!


  4. wulanadian says:

    I agree with Amalia totally.
    Saptyani, imagine if your were to stay in your old manor, and get to be left behind by someone.. It will be worse.
    Great post!
    (aku capek ngurusin orang2 islam fanatik, 2 hari ini, hehehe)

  5. yap, leaving is (apparently) easier than being left.
    but someway i believe that, person who is leaving is (since) the weaker one actually than the one who being left.

    when u know that u’re not strong enough to face “break up/separate thing”, u tend to get leaving firstly before u get being left.

  6. Geraint says:

    There are a couple of thoughts coming out of this:
    1. There are choices involved in leaving or being left. Generally ones behaviour will end up causing us to BE left or to LEAVE. Consequently we need to consider our responsibilities to ourselves and the results arising from our own behaviour before concerning ourselves about which is easier. Leaving or being left can often be considered to be a consequence of our own actions. We remain equally responsible either way I think.
    2. Dying is certainly a massive event from which there is no going back. The quality of that inevitable departure and separation is something that remains the responsibility of each member of the partnership. Take care of each other properly at all times and the pain of the ultimate departure will be much less since it will happen at any time and if we have taken care of each other we will not suffer the consequences of unfinished business in our relationships.
    Bottom line for me is the acceptance of personal responsibility for all actions and their understaning of the consequences for others at all times.
    Easy to say huh? :-))

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