Happy to be a Lady

Happy (Indonesian) Women’s Day!

Since I am not (yet) a mother, I will not babble nor being romantic about the amazement and amusement of being a mother. Instead, I will see it in the perspective of a woman – not merely a mother.

The commemoration date itself derived from one historical event on 22 December 1928 when Kowani was established. Kowani is the abbreviation for Kongres Wanita Indonesia or National Council of Indonesian Women’s Organizations. Now, there are 82 women’s organizations join Kowani which purpose is to strive for the equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for women and men. The date is then well-known as “Hari Ibu” which actually is translated into Indonesian Women’s Day (and NOT Indonesian Mothers’ Day).

Okay, enough for the history. Now let’s move to the main course: some babbles on how great it is to be a woman, or yeah… my title says: a lady (so that it rhymes with the word “happy”, hehe)

When I was young(er), I once wrote an article about how much easier to be a man than a woman. The social pressure is harder for women, if I may recall what I wrote. Women should wear more clothes than men, old virgin women are shame in society, women are blamed when “married by accident” happens, women are this and that, women are not allowed for this and that. Oh, I was so young :D.

Years afterwards, my opinion have shifted and now I really think that actually being a woman is not that difficult compared to being a man. In fact, women are given so much privilige (and lenience) which of course sometimes seems unfair.

Women get the seat on public transportation. There is a moral obbligation that a man should offer his seat if a woman (especially the pregnant and old one) miss a seat.

Women first, yeah you know that famous saying: ladies first.

Women “only” need to be pretty to get attention. But men need to be smart and powerful and rich for that.

Feminism makes women not only equal – but higher than men.

Women have more opportunities to get scholarships.

Women get allotment in legislation – not based on capacity nor capability but merely gender.

Women have way more options for clothing.

Women are forgiven for their silliness, stupidity, whine, nag, and ehem… irrational use of credit card.

If a woman do not get married until her thirties, she can always say she has not found the one. For a man, the pressure to decide is bigger (if you can’t decide, you’re not a man). Especially in a society where marital status takes an important part in labeling people (ladies, you are very welcome to argue on this, hehehe).

If a woman do not achieve well in her career, she can easily justify it with many excuses: she focuses on family, or she waits for a prince on the white horse to rescue her 🙂 (again ladies, you may argue on this).

Women will be mothers. Heaven is on mother’s feet. What can beat that?

Aren’t we lucky, ladies?

Source: http://kowani.or.id


Career Woman

Am I a career woman?
To answer to that question, I need to define the word “career,” because I am only convinced that I am a woman :). As usual, I rely things like this on Wikipedia. So here what I got:

Career is defined as an individual’s “course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)”. It is usually considered to pertain to remunerative work (and sometimes also formal education).

Based on that definition by Oxford Dictionary, sadly, I have to admit that yes, I am a career woman as many of you out there. But somehow I wanted to ensure myself that I am not merely an employee and deserve the term “career woman.” So I looked for another definition. This time by businessdirectory.com.

The progress and actions taken by a person throughout a lifetime, especially related to that person’s occupations. A career is often composed of the jobs held, titles earned and work accomplished over a long period of time, rather than just referring to one position

Get dressed for success!

So basically, nothing so special about this term! It’s so damn ordinary :-).

Let’s shift the subject a little bit. I consider the term “career woman” is sexist because there is no such term as “career man.” It implies gender discrimination where career is meant only for men, while women who pursue this path need a term to call. Ugly truth, huh? Well, no need to feel bad about that. It’s no secret that the world has been working in patriarchical mode. That’s why many women all across the globe fight for feminism, for gender equality.

But not all women choose to be a career woman. Some of them choose to be the opposite: housewife. Housewives are those married women who do household chores and are not employed outside the house. But hey, interestingly, there is a term “househusband” too! Of course you can easily guess what that means.

So overall, women have three distinct options in life: being a career woman or being a housewife or… (read it like Barney‘s style :D) being a working mom! How wonderful that is! Women are blessed to have all terms necessary to describe their living. While men… they don’t have so many options, do they? For them, the choices are only to be successful or doomed :).

I heard a rumor saying that a housewife is the most noble profession. I would disagree to that statement. Well, it is indeed noble, but it is not a profession. And it hurts my pride a bit when I am partially respected just because I seem to care too much on my career. Well, the truth is, I don’t. I have to care on something. The fact that I haven’t given a house to be a wife to (hehe, what a weird idiom I make), make me put my attention on my career. Sometimes I call it a distraction :-). If I was given different path, I would gladly stay at home doing that noble role: a housewife.

Having a chance to make decision to be one of those women is pleasure. None is superior over the others. They are equal. They are women.