It was when you said you love me
The clock stopped ticking
Gave me time to enjoy the best moment in life
In a slow… graceful… motion

And the tips of my lips slightly raised
And the cores of my eyes vibrantly sparked
And then goose bumps
And then heart attack

I died for two seconds
Went straight to heaven

… and back

You were still there
Waiting for my “I love you too”
But instead… I said “thank you”
Ah, you knew I loved you too


Dunia, Neraka, dan Surga

Suatu masa kau bisikkan di telingaku
Rayuan tentang aku duniamu
Tanpa aku tak ada artinya hidupmu
Malam-malam berhias cinta, bahagia yang semu

Suatu ketika kau semburkan di mukaku
Makian tentang aku nerakamu
Membawamu bergelung dosa-dosa
Menyeretmu menikmati cinta yang tidak seharusnya

Sesungguhnya aku selalu ingin membawamu ke surga
Bukan sekadar dunia apalagi neraka
Tapi nyatanya…
Kau tak pernah mau kubawa serta

The World, Hell, and Heaven

Once upon a time you whispered in my ear
Wooing — I’m yours
That without me your life means nothing
The love ornate nights, false happiness

Once you burst on my face
Invective about me being your hell
Taking you curled by the sins
Dragging you to enjoy the love that should not be

My love,
Actually I always wanted to take you to heaven
Not merely the world – let alone the hell
But the thing is…
You never wanted to go along with me

Original post: http://truelia.multiply.com/journal/item/378/Dunia_Neraka_dan_Surga