Alaska to Patagonia

A story about a ride from Alaska to Patagonia

Just recently a friend nudged me about something called: wild dreams. It was on my birthday, and she wished me good luck in reaching my wild dreams. I was stunned for a moment and suddenly felt so old. But instead of thanking her for reminding me, I told her: “I do have dreams, but they are not wild.” I was lying.

The fact is: there are wild dreams in my restless mind. Dreams which I am afraid of even think about since I was consumed with how to make myself settled. One of them – I think this is the wildest so far – is having a road trip from Alaska to Patagonia. I am firstly introduced to this idea by a Mexican friend when we met in Japan. He assured me about how great this trip would be. This is a famous motorbike route, he said. You will experience amazing moments especially when riding through Andes Mountain from Columbia to Patagonia, he added. It will start in Alaska, go south passing 12 countries for approximately 30,000 km, and will end in Patagonia, Argentina.

There are a lot of things need to be prepared. Having the perfect time – avoiding winter – is a necessity. Not to mention the visa stuff, gathering the group and matching the schedule, taking care of the insurance, etcetera… I know it won’t be as easy as flipping hands. But… hey! A dream, especially the wild one, supposed to be not easy :-).

I remember telling my best friend about this plan long time ago (and she is the only one who knows it until now). I remember she laughed and said: “that’s crazy.” She thought that riding motorbike across the continent will incredibly be tiring. In my defense, I told her: “I am not going to ride the motorbike by myself. I will have a guy take me on his back seat.” So… yes, that’s another challenge :-).

Nature and Me

I don’t normally connect perfectly with nature and outdoor activities although when I was young I spent quite a lot of time joining many girls scout outing events (i.e. camping, trekking) which have left a lot of scars on my legs. Since then I am no longer a big fan of sleeping outside and not-in-a-comfy-bed :-). I don’t mind paying more for the sake of a nice sleep.

However, life is short. The Indonesian female’s life expectancy is about 74 years (based on CIA). Moreover, according to palmistry, my hand says that I will die young. So, I really should make the best of my given age (a friend laughed at me when I told her about this palmistry. She said the prediction is definitely false… “you’re not young anymore and you’re still alive”). What a joke! 😀

That joke struck me quite hard, actually. I am getting older. But instead of chasing my wild dreams, I am busy looking for a good job with good money. And I am drowned in the crowded life in Jakarta. Superficial. To cheer me up, I convince myself that money is indeed important. Money will take me to Canada, one day. Money will even let me having this Alaska to Patagonia trip, one day.

Keeping wild dreams in mind is energising.


Quantum Leap

We start our lives from different bars. Some have their start-point very low down there, some other are so lucky to begin at a high level. It’s not our choice. It is given. The parents… given. The nationality… given. The race… given. The face… is also given. So I think it is a motivational bullshit when someone says that every single person has the same chance to be happy. We definitely don’t. The chances are not the same.

“It is a motivational bullshit.”

Some people were born pretty, some were born idiot, some were born with diseases, some were born under the bridge, and some other were just born rich. It is a lie that the pretty has the same chance as the ugly, let say, to be chosen by a guy. For sure, the pretty most likely to be picked for a date, yes? C’mon, be honest. When you have two options in front of you: A. beautiful B. ugly, you will simply choose A. I will choose A. And since I’m a prettier girl now (than I used to be), I got picked more often :-).

Jennifer Aniston is the daughter of actors John Aniston and Nancy Dow. Paris Hilton is Hilton’s heir. Megawati is Soekarno’s daughter. Tommy is Soeharto’s son. My friends’ parents are important people in the Government offices. And so on and so forth…

I am my parents’ little daughter. My father is a very talented person who didn’t get proper chance to be great. My mother is a very tough lady who didn’t get a decent bar to start her life. However, thanks to them, I guess I have made a pretty significant leap in my life. I will put it this way: I was born ugly (my uncle called me frog). But when I realized that a lady has to be pretty, I am doing some efforts to be pretty. I spent most of my teenage year in a small town which doesn’t have a mall. I studied in the biggest city in East Java, I had my first job in the capital of Indonesia, I got an opportunity to live in one of my dream countries, I had an interesting job which allow me to meet more various people (people who I never imagine I would meet).

The good news is everything is subjective. People have their personal preferences. Therefore, every one of us has a chance to be happy. Including me, who was born ugly. Including you, who were already born pretty.

Anyway, I made this post just to share with you all that sometimes we can’t reach some sky. Because we are bound with limitations. Our destiny is not limitless. One day I wanted to buy a Braun Buffel clutch bag which is not affordable for me (no, I can’t spend a million something rupiah for a bag). Another day I wanted to fly in business class (so far I flew in business class only once, paid by the State). Some other day I wanted to date a very attractive guy who is simply out of reach. I want to visit Canada, I want to live is US (or NL, hehehe), I want to stay a week in the best hotel (and don’t feel guilty about it), and the list won’t ever stop….

Oh my dear friends, it is untrue that we can do anything we want. Our leap is limited.

“We couldn’t choose how our lives started. However, we can determine which path we want to pursue” (taken from my novel: 100 Jam)

PS. The title is taken from a TV series I loved to watch when I was young. I’m not sure if the title is suitable for my post this time. But it’s quite catchy, no?