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Fast forward life

Sometimes I want things to move fast. Because I want to soon arrive. I can’t wait to submerge in the new experience, new adventure, and the happiness ever after. I’m so thrilled with the tingle of anticipation to get there. Even though any ever-afters are merely a fantasy.

But the wisemen (and rarely women) said, relax. They prudently compose some wisdom. Revealing, whispering, advising, commanding, screaming the lessons. Reminding me to always enjoy the journey, to embrace the boredom, to own merrily every little things, to accept gracefully the big things.

Do not rush, says the voice within.

Why would you fast forward when you can’t rewind? Why wouldn’t you slow down and relish the beauty and the ugly? You know happiness lies in the journey towards the destination. You know that climax may only be a one-second sensation.

So do not dash, darling. The time will quickly pass without you’re knowing.

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Be grateful for the big things too

When life gets tough and dark and gloomy. And everything seem difficult and heavy. And you feel like you’re stuck in slow gear. And you think you will not make it through as you want to. And you think you’re not doing as good as people around you.

Pause. Calm down.
Enjoy the little things around you.

Start to breathe more mindfully, be thankful for the lung and the fresh air it contains. And the beautiful sound of the birds in the bushes singing. And the warm sunlight and mystical moonlight. And the sturdy house sheltering from the cold and perilous nights. And the health, the eyesight, the working brain, and the strong legs. And the peaceful life without the sound of bombs and gunshots and fearful cry.

And as I listed down those little things, it struck me!
Those are not little things.
In fact, those are the big things!
The real big things.
The things that will hit you hard when you lose them.
The things we often take for granted
because we are busy chasing the artifical big things.

Such a shame.

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Love to celebrate love

I want to celebrate love.
Don’t you think it’s the most wonderful present
that Life may offer?

This time I wanted to celebrate it with you.
But do I need a reason to?

It is about being grateful simply,
about thanking the Universe for its generosity.

O darling,
please don’t laugh at me
and my helpless naivety.

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Work and pay

Life is kinda lame sometimes.
And slightly unfair.

You wake up every morning,
go working maybe for your children.
Maybe for your parents.
Maybe for yourself.

Facing presssure all the time.
To bring out the best of your effort.
When you think you’re not paid enough.
But do you think you have worked enough?

You’re often blinded by your misery.
Your feeling of being defeated.
But o boy, you probably do not deserve victory.
You might as well know it.

Some people work harder than you do, yet they get paid less.
Some people work lighter than you do, yet you get paid less.
Some are lucky enough to work not for the pay.
And some are even luckier, to get paid without even work.

Whichever you are,
If you can’t,

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Meanwhile company

I don’t want to merely be a meanwhile company
A brief phonecall while you’re biking
A short chatter while you’re driving
A fresh¬†amusing conversation while you’re idle in a waiting room or a bus or train or plane taking you to places interesting

I want to be in your particular time
A spot among 24 hours that is actually reserved for me
For us catching up with how are you doing, do you miss me?

It’s been 19 hours since the last time I heard from you
If this is a game you’re playing, well sorry
I’d rather make some other meaningful story
Where I’m not just a filler temporarily


English, Poetry

The Last

That was a fine evening
with stars and breezy wind
with your arm around my waist
and your lips once on mine.

If only I knew that was the last time
If only I knew that was the last kiss
I would have done it better.

As it is pathetic that I can’t perfectly remember
that one last moment.

24 February 2008