This is why I don’t like seeing a doctor

I eventually decided to see an eye doctor after my last visit more than three years ago. It wasn’t the same doctor I met the last time — I rarely go to the same doctor anyway.

I knew I have problems with my eyes for quite some time. Myopia is one. And today I (or the doctor for that matter) found another. My shortsightedness is much worse. It’s already classified as high myopia years ago, but the level reach unbelievable figures now. Moreover, now I know too why I usually see some transparent worm-like shapes in my vision (called floaters). The doctor said it’s common for such myopia, but I need to be really careful if not I can damage my retina (she called it: retinal detachment).

She looked worried knowing that I didn’t check my myopia for long time because the incorrect size might cause serious eyestrain. She prescribed me vitamins and two types of eye drops and asked me to come again in three months to see the development. If it’s not getting better, I might need a small treatment: refractive surgery.

So… that’s it. That’s exactly why I don’t like seeing a doctor. I now know too much and knowing too much bad news is not fun. Not to mention the high cost which apparently my insurance doesn’t cover.

The moral of this post is: you should take a good care of your eyes. I am a “good” example of someone so ignorant and underestimating the value of sight. And if you don’t have a good health insurance, you’d better have enough savings for unpredictable rainy days :-).

Stay healthy!


Legitimate Reasons to Cry

The topic today is about legitimate reasons to cry.

We need to cry sometimes. A healthy cry is good for health. It will release some of your burden and add some accessories on your face (what I mean is eye bags :D). However, crying is sometimes incomprehensible for some people around (esp. the male creatures) as they were persuaded with the dogmatic “boys don’t cry“. Silly idealism, I may say. The system is built-in your body! The tears, the feeling, the emotion, and all.

“Just cry your heart out!”

When we were kid, we have abundant reasons to cry. We were honest and pure and impulsive. We can cry when our parents hit us. We may cry when we fell off the bike. We are allowed to cry over a losing game. Crying was so normal and habitual. But… as I grow older and wiser (there is no linear correlation between age and wisdom, though), I understand that crying needs some reasons — some more legitimate ones so that people will see it natural or proper.

Hence, according to my unofficial poll awhile ago, here I will give you several legitimate reasons to cry. You can use it anytime and anywhere you need without being judged as a crybaby. You don’t have to bother telling people that you’re sad… or that your heart is broken… or that your pride is crushed… or that you are so damn lonely… or that the person you really care about acts like a jerk… or that the guy you have a crush on avoiding you… or that the girl you adore going out with some stupid guy riding a fancy car… or that your boss thinks you’re an idiot… or…. uh oh… I gotta stop. I got carried away 😀

Well, ladies and gentlemen… I proudly present you some legitimate reasons to cry… cry…… cry……… [echo]

1. Chop some onions

2. Standing close by the heavy traffic (smoke will get in your eyes alias kelilipan)

3. Eat something spicy hot (better if you use your bare hand and then rub it onto your eyes)

4. Watch Korean drama

5. Yawn

So, let’s chop some onions while watching Korean drama? 😀

* feel free to add the list *

Healthier (= Fatter?)

I wish I was a bit fatter.

Pardon my language, but that is true. I am naturally skinny and I stay skinny for twenty-seven years of my life. I realize there are millions of people struggling on a strict diet to have a more proportional weight which is mostly: getting off their fat. And talking about my wish to be fatter can be considered as insensitive. But hey, it is insensitive too to think that people like me are extremely happy of having these skin-covered bones :). I am actually struggling too, doing the opposite. My diet is to gain some weight, some fat, and some meat on my body. Seriously. 

I eat nearly everything. I (used to) eat a lot (well, my braces do not allow me to eat everything now). I drink milk almost every day, I exercise regularly (swimming, because I don’t like to sweat), I eat snacks… but damn! 45 is the maximum weight I could have. And the fat was not even on the places I expected. Okay, to be frank, I want to have bigger breasts, larger chest and hip circumference, more sturdy arms, slimmer thighs, and to-die-for shoulders :D.

A waist wannabe 😀

I used to blame my stressful state of mind for my skinniness. But I think I can no longer do that. I have to find a way to gain some weight. But how?! Oh, I am so frustrated!!! I want to have a steady 45 kg with appropriate amount of fat on some good spots, hehehe… I read somewhere that to check whether you have a proportional body is by measuring your waist and hip circumference. The proportional waist-to-hip ratio for women is 0.7 while for men is 0.9. I’ve checked mine; it is 0.8. So I need to have a wider hip circumference because my waist is already too slim. I have no idea how to do it. Should I start to join a body-building exercise in a gym? Phew, I wish I had other options!

Diet Calculator

Since I prefer to eat than to exercise, I use this calculator to know my body fat and to know how I should eat. After filling several parameters, the result is:

Body Mass Index:   18.2  kg/m2
Waist-to-Height ratio:   0.41
Percent Body Fat:   13.7%
Lean Body Mass:   36.3 kg

You are underweight by 0.7 kilograms (1.5 pounds).
You may need to increase your caloric intake.
Consume at least 1648 calories per day.
Your diet should contain at least 46 grams of protein per day.


Okay, I will see what I can do to fulfil that suggestion :D.