Second Sunday in May

ErinsPainting-5-8-10Happy Mother’s Day to most mothers all over the globe! Around 80 countries in the world is celebrating the day today. The day to honour mothers, to celebrate motherhood and the role of mothers in society. And since everyone is related to at least one mother for their whole life, then anyone could participate.

The pioneer of Mother’s Day celebration was coming from the United States where originally was a Christian mother church celebration on a Sunday. Throughout the years many countries adopted it with various background.

Socialist countries usually celebrate Women’s Day instead of the Mother’s Day.

The majority of countries celebrate the day in Spring (March to May), vary from end of March to end of May, where the mostly are in the second Sunday of May. Today! Indonesia, among around 165 countries celebrating Mother’s Day/Women’s Day, has the day officially marked in 1953 at 22 December (this is the latest mother’s day celebration of the year).

Have a great day to all mothers! Enjoy your easy (and lazy) Sunday! 🙂

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Happy to be a Lady

Happy (Indonesian) Women’s Day!

Since I am not (yet) a mother, I will not babble nor being romantic about the amazement and amusement of being a mother. Instead, I will see it in the perspective of a woman – not merely a mother.

The commemoration date itself derived from one historical event on 22 December 1928 when Kowani was established. Kowani is the abbreviation for Kongres Wanita Indonesia or National Council of Indonesian Women’s Organizations. Now, there are 82 women’s organizations join Kowani which purpose is to strive for the equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for women and men. The date is then well-known as “Hari Ibu” which actually is translated into Indonesian Women’s Day (and NOT Indonesian Mothers’ Day).

Okay, enough for the history. Now let’s move to the main course: some babbles on how great it is to be a woman, or yeah… my title says: a lady (so that it rhymes with the word “happy”, hehe)

When I was young(er), I once wrote an article about how much easier to be a man than a woman. The social pressure is harder for women, if I may recall what I wrote. Women should wear more clothes than men, old virgin women are shame in society, women are blamed when “married by accident” happens, women are this and that, women are not allowed for this and that. Oh, I was so young :D.

Years afterwards, my opinion have shifted and now I really think that actually being a woman is not that difficult compared to being a man. In fact, women are given so much privilige (and lenience) which of course sometimes seems unfair.

Women get the seat on public transportation. There is a moral obbligation that a man should offer his seat if a woman (especially the pregnant and old one) miss a seat.

Women first, yeah you know that famous saying: ladies first.

Women “only” need to be pretty to get attention. But men need to be smart and powerful and rich for that.

Feminism makes women not only equal – but higher than men.

Women have more opportunities to get scholarships.

Women get allotment in legislation – not based on capacity nor capability but merely gender.

Women have way more options for clothing.

Women are forgiven for their silliness, stupidity, whine, nag, and ehem… irrational use of credit card.

If a woman do not get married until her thirties, she can always say she has not found the one. For a man, the pressure to decide is bigger (if you can’t decide, you’re not a man). Especially in a society where marital status takes an important part in labeling people (ladies, you are very welcome to argue on this, hehehe).

If a woman do not achieve well in her career, she can easily justify it with many excuses: she focuses on family, or she waits for a prince on the white horse to rescue her 🙂 (again ladies, you may argue on this).

Women will be mothers. Heaven is on mother’s feet. What can beat that?

Aren’t we lucky, ladies?