How an expert became an expert?


Experts are not born. They come through learning, exercise, trial, and most of all: opportunity. According to my observation, often young professionals do not have the chance to sharpen and polish their skills, simply because everyone wants experienced experts. Instantly.

The older you are, the more experienced you become.

Thus, older people are fortunate in a way, which is fair of course. The more years of experience we own, it’s presumed the better professional we are, which in many cases means more value stamped in our “price-tag”. And after some time, we will earn the the expert title. Interestingly, I also observe how some humble experts who prefer to keep calling themselves as practitioner. They are my favorite.

One of the advantages of old age is that people respect you just because of your grey hair and say all manner of nice things about you that are not based on who you really are (Nelson Mandela, 19 July 1998)

Working with senior professionals is a luxury. They are the ones we can learn the most from. But working with the young ones is fun! And I’m always amazed seeing how these junior talents paving ways to become an expert. They are vibrant, fresh, and innovative. They are the ones we can copy the spirit and creativity from.



I love packing. I don’t know how to put in words to explain how big my passion is in packing. I LOVE it. With capital L to E :D. And since I love it, I am getting better and better in it. Give me a suitcase and some piles of clothes and all; I will arrange it neatly and systematically. Or give me boxes. I like packing into boxes even more.

Cute toys 🙂

When I was in Holland, they have plenty cute equipments and tools to pack. And we can easily get them in stores like Action or Xenos.

Maybe it is because I am Asian, then I have the genes. Have you heard about that? About Asians are expert in light packing? No? Well, look at me! I don’t mean to be racist, but I think Africans are the worst. At least Africans I know, they can’t pack. They seem to not knowing the art of packing. It should be packed! :D. Um, perhaps I should stop stereotyping in this “sensitive” issue, hehe. Because maybe it does not have anything to do with the race, or gender, or age, or else. Maybe it is simply talent. Yes, I might say I am talented in packing.

The problem with loving packing is I am not really into unpacking. Yeah, it is like a betrayal. You’ve done an excellent job in putting your stuff into a suitcase or a box, and then at some point you have to open it and start taking all those stuff out. What a disrespectful act that is!

Several times I consider to packing for a living. Yeah, I really mean establishing kind of business related to packing, simply like… help people to pack. The best job in the world is when you do your hobby and get paid, right?

Packing Tips

I originally want to give you some tips to pack your stuff. But then… I think it is kind of useless to teach a talent :). So, I will give you one basic clue: the hardest part of packing is to start it. Once you start it, you will then face the next hardest part: finishing. Helpful, huh? 😀

Okay, okay, my apology. You may click that picture on the left. You will find some reliable tips to pack. Not mine, but it’s quite good (my excuse: I am just so lazy too write and I want to post this now).

Happy packing!


PS. A friend of mine is struggling now. She has to pack (again!) and she hates it. And every time she is grunting about it, I just wish I was there to help which basically doing my hobby. I miss packing. Life is indeed unfair 🙂