A note of a lonely man

I am old and I am nobody

I am not somebody’s lover
I am not somebody’s spouse
I am not somebody’s parent

Oh I miss the feeling of being wanted
That someone wants me in most of the precious time
That someone is around when I need to

Oh I miss the feeling of being loved
That someone adores me
And always puts me as priority

Oh I miss the feeling of being needed
That some little ones cling on me
That I can make them feel secure and comfy

Yes I am getting older now, and getting lonelier
I am happy at times, but am desperate too when things are tough
I am stronger and more independent than ever
But am getting sick of taking care of everything
By my own little hands, my own tired brain, my own empty soul

Now that I am older
The skin is wrinkling, the spirit is vanishing
Chances are thinning, options are shrinking
Hopes are diminishing

Now that I am older, I can see things more clearly
I can see love, I can see lust
I can see honesty, I can see lies
I can see sincerity, I can see hypocrisy
I can see sympathy, I can see pity

Now that I am older, honey, I truly wish you were here…