iPhone: iCantbuy

Nothing to do with the article. But he's cute!

Nothing to do with the article. But he’s cute!

These past days I was struggling with the most intriguing question of all time: should I buy an iPhone?

The thing is, my Samsung smartphone is no longer smart and he is getting dumber and slower. Also, the new iPhone finally comes in the country with ridiculously ridiculous price – a price that can easily drain my one-month-salary. But hey, there is this promotion: 0% 12x instalments and even 18x! Damn, I could pay that ludicrous price for less than IDR 600 thousand a month!

So I went. Yes, that day I finally just went to iBox. With big smile and excitement I told the guy I want the one with classy gold casing. I filled-in the guarantee card and was so ready to experience this most anticipated phone.

But the Universe decided differently. The store declined my two credit cards. Credit cards with more than enough limit to pay that damn iPhone cash! I felt defeated. On the way home I kept thinking that it might be the sign I should not buy it. I mean… not that I need an iPhone, I merely want it.

Soon enough, I felt relieved.

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you might find
You get what you need
– Rolling Stones

The moral of the story is: don’t blog when you’re at the office 🙂


Facebook Detox

FI have just deactivated my Facebook account since a few days ago. It was surprisingly harder than I thought. This “deactivate” feature actually allowed me to erase my presence in Facebook, as if I never existed. My profile is now untraceable, my comments are gone, my posts to my friends’ walls disappeared, my name also vanished from the photos I was tagged in (I know this effects from a friend who told me how I “look” after deactivating).

At day 1 being disconnected from my eight-hundreds-something friends made me feel like… I’m gone. It was a weird feeling, especially after being on Facebook on daily basis. Adding to my surprise: no one notices that I am gone. Even my boyfriend. Zonk!

But well, no big deal. I told myself: not everyone on Facebook all the time. Moreover, not everyone on my Facebook all the time. Life goes on. I have moved on.

So why did I deactivate it at the first place? There were several reasons behind it. Mostly because I know I was too much into it. I was there literally everyday to see what happened with my friends or moreover… with the world. Yes, Facebook is indeed a great tool to stay in touch with people (especially those who live far away). It is a handy stuff to stay updated with what happen with people I know. And at the same time it also offers lots of news, information, and entertainment (such as funny pictures, silly videos, words of wisdom, or just random babbling). Another reason which was the trigger of my “deactivating” was because of a Facebook incident related to Mr BF. I was publicly ignored by him and I wanted to protest by being disappear. Ironically, he didn’t even notice that I’m gone. Fantastic!

Now it feels easier to be disconnected from Facebook. I still miss it once in awhile, feel like I lose contact with people I know and I have no idea what’s going on with them. But it is also nice to not be bothered with the unpleasant things I might get from it. Facebook is sometimes mean, you know… :-). Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy my leisure time doing more useful stuff and thinking more pleasurable ones.

I am amazed to realise that such virtual social network can affect me so much. And I am pretty sure I am not the only one. And I am more sure there are more people with more acute Facebook or other social media addiction. Well, I wish them a good night sleep :D.