New Year’s Resolution

I didn’t make any targets last year, but I think I need some for 2016. For the sake of progressing and moving forward.

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something

The key word this year is skill. I want to learn several new skills that I think I will enjoy to do and will be useful.

  1. Able to make bags and purses. I will take sewing classes for it early this year and buy a decent sewing machine.
  2. Able to play harmonica. I really like the bluesy sound of harmonica and I think this instrument is cool to play. Have been checking some tutorials on Youtube, and I will be diligent to practice. Nothing too ambitious about this, I just want to fluently play a couple of songs.
  3. Able to make graphical designs using Illustrator and Photoshop. This one is rather tough because not only learning the technique, but I will also need to polish my sense of art.
  4. Understand and speak basic Swedish.
  5. Read more books. I’m inspired by Mark Zuckerberg who reads one book a week. I will try that. Yes, 52 books.

That’s all. If they are accomplished, I believe I would be a completely different person by the end of the year :).




30 Things to do Before 30 (Revised)

I recently celebrated my birthday. It was a happy and lovely one. I spent times with friends, close friends, and the best one too. Gifts? Oh I received many nice things: perfume, purple dress, pillow, hot pants, blouse, book, sweater, scarf, shirt… yippie!!
In the dark side (oh why there is always dark side?!), birthdays always make me melancholic. It’s always about “where I am now”, “what achievement I have”, “what still I don’t have”… yeah, those questions. A few days later I checked my blog and went straight to 30 Things to do Before 30 which I posted last year. I was stunned by some crazy big ideas I put there. I laughed (and cried a bit) and I finally collect my will to revise it now. Yes, I need to revise it to make it more doable :-).
So, here is the newly revised list:
  1. Buy a property (done)
  2. Buy my mother some jewelry (done)
  3. Cook for my family (done)
  4. Dance among strangers (done)
  5. Dye my hair (done)
  6. Finish reading The Godfather Adolf Hitler, and David Copperfield (done)
  7. Get lost in a country where I don’t speak the language (done)
  8. Learn to cook European food Get married 🙂(done)
  9. Learn Photoshop Get my thesis published
  10. Learn to make cocktail Go to an opera
  11. Have an official Amalia Suryani website (done)
  12. Have some holiday trips with my boyfriend/husband (done, but still want more! (with other another boyfriend :D))
  13. Join a yoga class (done)
  14. Learn a foreign language French or continue learning Dutch (done) (done)
  15. Learn Salsa Dance
  16. Learn to drive
  17. Learn to use my SLR camera decently and then practice it
  18. Make a top model photo style of myself
  19. Publish one novel which is not teenlit
  20. Spoil myself with a full day body treatment: spa, massage, manicure and pedicure
  21. Learn to play music instrument: harmonica Learn Swim 50 m three rounds in a row (= 300 m)
  22. Take my sister for holiday overseas or to watch a music concert she wants
  23. Buy a pretty watch Traveling around Europe
  24. Buy a gold bar Traveling to Vietnam or Australia or New Zealand
  25. Try diving or paragliding
  26. Try skiing (done)
  27. Learn to make a delicious brownies or cupcakes Send some serious comments and criticisms to the President
  28. Straighten my teeth (done)
  29. Switch jobs until I find the one I really enjoy (done)
  30. Wear a dress to work (done)
And… time starts ticking!