iPhone: iCantbuy

Nothing to do with the article. But he's cute!

Nothing to do with the article. But he’s cute!

These past days I was struggling with the most intriguing question of all time: should I buy an iPhone?

The thing is, my Samsung smartphone is no longer smart and he is getting dumber and slower. Also, the new iPhone finally comes in the country with ridiculously ridiculous price – a price that can easily drain my one-month-salary. But hey, there is this promotion: 0% 12x instalments and even 18x! Damn, I could pay that ludicrous price for less than IDR 600 thousand a month!

So I went. Yes, that day I finally just went to iBox. With big smile and excitement I told the guy I want the one with classy gold casing. I filled-in the guarantee card and was so ready to experience this most anticipated phone.

But the Universe decided differently. The store declined my two credit cards. Credit cards with more than enough limit to pay that damn iPhone cash! I felt defeated. On the way home I kept thinking that it might be the sign I should not buy it. I mean… not that I need an iPhone, I merely want it.

Soon enough, I felt relieved.

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you might find
You get what you need
– Rolling Stones

The moral of the story is: don’t blog when you’re at the office 🙂


A Good Thing Comes When You Least Expect It

Envy alert! 😀
Ya, I remind you. You might envy me for my luck.


These days were interesting for me. I got three things that I really didn’t expect to happen.

First, I finally have a credit card. Credit card? Are you kidding? That is so two-thousand-and-late! Ya… ya… believe it or not, this is my very first credit card. I have been applying for a credit card since years ago and always been rejected by several banks. Rejection hurts :). But I do understand. Those banks must know at that time I was not a huge fan of shopping. And I didn’t have much money either. Now, I shop a lot (especially dresses and accesories). But although my account balance is (still) not abundant, this bank gives me quite high limit. Strangely, I am happy.

Second, it is about my master thesis. I finally got my mark. Nggak tanggung-tanggung, it is not a seven, or an eight. It is a nine. Crazy, huh? It “causes” me to graduate with distinction or you might know it as cum laude :-). I feel blessed. I feel uplifted. Last week I was at the bottom of my confidence. Now I am up again. I feel good.

She is not me. I am just trying to give you some idea of what I do on my back 🙂

Ah! One more interesting thing: I can do backstroke style now (not really the style with the right technique sih…). After three times practicing (in three days, several minutes each), I am finally able to float on my back. One comment: it is so easy! I have all the theories in advance. Be brave, lift your waist, move your legs, bla bla bla. I practiced. I failed several times. But at the third attempt, a friend gave me one useful tips: let your ears underwater. And voila! I did it!

God is such a Joker

Back to the title: a good thing comes when you least expect it. I do believe it now. Those three things I mentioned above are definitely off my expectation. I mean… of course I expect to graduate soon. But a “nine” for my thesis project is beyond expectation. And credit card? I just have a job for two months! I don’t expect to be approved now. And floating on my back? This soon? I am thrilled! :-).

He is the King of Twist. What I mean by He is God. Just so you know, I’ve been praying for totally different things like:

“God, please let me graduate soon. I am sick of this thesis.” or
“God, I don’t really care about the mark. Seven is enough. Eight is blessing.” or
“God, I don’t care about credit card. As long as I have friends who can lend me theirs.” or
“God, saya pingin bisa gaya punggung dalam satu atau dua bulan ini.”
“God, dekatkan saya dengan jodoh saya. Saya mohon dengan sangat, mudahkan jalan kami…” (hehehe)

He is indeed a Joker. The last prayer I have is the most habitual prayer of mine. Guess what? He has not granted me that. He keeps twisting my prayers. I ask this, He gives me that. And so on and so forth. Should I start not expecting it?