Favorite Things


I love gifts. Who doesn’t? 😀

Looking for a gift for someone (whether special or not) is one of my leisure pursuits. I like the whole process. Searching the thingy, wrap it with some cute gift wrapper, present it to that someone, waiting for a bright smile appears afterwards. Priceless!

But hey, I like to receive a gift too! I like opening the wrapper and wondering what’s inside. I like finding out that I get exactly what I need or what I want or what I like.

So, I make this page to help you making me happy, he he… Fyi, my birthday is in June. But I am also open receiving a gift on any other occasion such as: New Year, Valentine’s day, Kartini‘s day, Book day, Indonesia’s independence day, Redcross day, Scholar’s day, Animal Rights day, Mother’s day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas. Any day :-).

Here are my favorite things:
(not in order)

1. Book (especially novel or any book with beautiful embossed-laminate hardcover)


2. Gadget (e.g. camera lens, cute desk lamp, manicure kit, piano, e-book reader)


3. Accessories (e.g. necklace, bracelet, earring, watch, hairpin)


4. Dress (with sleeves, not too short, and not too low neck)


5. Music box (yes! this is classic and old, but I do still love it)


6. Handbag


7. Cuddly toy/stuffy animal


8. Concert ticket


9. Perfume


10. Random stuff (e.g. slinky, Newton’s Cradle, globe)




Now it is not as confusing as you think, right? 🙂



2 thoughts on “Favorite Things

  1. wulanadian says:

    It’s the intention that counts…! So if I give you a pair of socks as long as my intention was giving you a Prada hand bag, than it’s ok. Right…?

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