Nude Girls Everywhere

Freedom to swing naked :)

Freedom to swing naked

Lately, naked women (or girls, whatever) become more easily accessed in the media. Be it on (paid) TV or the classic DVDs or the Internet. No more subscription, payment nor declaration that you’re above 18, people can just click and open.

I’m talking about Miley Cyrus’ latest music video “Wrecking Ball” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. It’s astonishing to see how this Miley’s nude video gets over 514 million views by now and become youtube’s record history*. While Robin’s the unrated version gets almost 30 million clicks. Statistics says a lot, doesn’t it? Sexy stuff is trendy.

People call it (modern) art, as these artists always stand behind the art-wall when it comes to nudity. Or else people call it liberalism, where exposing nakedness becomes the ultimate sign of freedom.

I feel sorry as it’s like the opposite of feminism where girls have to sell out their bodies to be recognized. Even more, behind this naked industry, they are men with infinite thirst and greed, using these girls as merely supernumeraries. What a lovely supernumerary.

It seems also that creativity (read: song writing, music creation) is more valuable than well-maintained body.

These are conservative thought and feeling, perhaps. But I find it just hard to comprehend how these lovely bodies being displayed so vulgarly. It’s like going back to the time where clothing was not a fashion, where primordial human beings did not see the urge of being covered. It’s like the opposite of civilisation, or… is it where civilisation will eventually lead human beings to?

I pondered of this and eventually I rather see it as a cluster than a level. Instead of thinking that the brave naked women are at the top of modernity aka civilisation (or the other way around: fully-covered women are), I think it’s a matter of clusters in society. Some women express themselves by being nude, some other celebrate their freedom by being covered. The statistics might change from time to time. And oh damn, the statistics perhaps now shows greater display of nudity.

*) Rank second in youtube’s most watched videos 2013 after Psy’s “Gentleman”. If you check the top ten most-viewed videos on youtube, then you’ll see most videos share something in common: sexy girls.