LDR is lonely

Long distance relationship is lonely. Really lonely. Sometimes the missing feeling is just unbearable. It’s worse than being single. You go to a party alone, dance alone, eat alone, sleep alone, and you deal with all your problems all alone. When you need some hugs, you hug an empty air. When you need to lay your head for comfort, you end up crying on your pillow.

Long distance relationship is lonely. You can only text your longing feeling. You chat about your day through phone calls. You have dinner by Skype. You share songs to listen on Youtube. You share articles or books to read together and talk about it. You send virtual kisses and exchange “I miss you”s.

What keeps you stay is that you love him. Or you love the idea of him. And that he says he loves you too. And your hope that soon you will be together. So you could go to a party together, dance as a couple, eat at a table for two, sleep with him next to you, and suddenly you don’t see any problems to deal with. When you need some hugs, you will get a decent one. When you need to lay your troubles down, you will get a strong shoulder to comfort you.


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