Kadoku: a gifts arranger

Logo Kadoku_transparent 800pxl

Finally I softly launched my business on gift arrangement. It was an old dream that eventually come to reality. I’m very excited about it.

The idea came from my passion in preparing gifts for my friends and family, and my observation that many people actually suck at it :). Not only some people don’t like the whole process of giving gifts, but also the fact that they don’t have the time to do it.

So, it’s more like a hobby-based business which of course in the future I hope to make it big and famous. I start small for now, learning the market and promoting it. Guess what? It’s not easy at all. Especially the marketing/promotion part.

So, anyway, I created a blog for it (later I will shift this to e-commerce form) and social media access on facebook and instagram.

For you living in Indonesia, feel free to use our service. For the ones live abroad, you could still use our service to arrange gifts for people living in Indonesia. Or else… just make use of our gift ideas!




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