Second Sunday in May

ErinsPainting-5-8-10Happy Mother’s Day to most mothers all over the globe! Around 80 countries in the world is celebrating the day today. The day to honour mothers, to celebrate motherhood and the role of mothers in society. And since everyone is related to at least one mother for their whole life, then anyone could participate.

The pioneer of Mother’s Day celebration was coming from the United States where originally was a Christian mother church celebration on a Sunday. Throughout the years many countries adopted it with various background.

Socialist countries usually celebrate Women’s Day instead of the Mother’s Day.

The majority of countries celebrate the day in Spring (March to May), vary from end of March to end of May, where the mostly are in the second Sunday of May. Today! Indonesia, among around 165 countries celebrating Mother’s Day/Women’s Day, has the day officially marked in 1953 at 22 December (this is the latest mother’s day celebration of the year).

Have a great day to all mothers! Enjoy your easy (and lazy) Sunday! 🙂

For more reading, don’t click here, but click here instead :D.


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