Taj Mahal, the Super Symmetry

Taj Mahal 1

What amazed me the most about Taj Mahal is not the exquisite translucent marble that elegantly glow and neatly “hidden” by its gates. It’s not the extremely long construction time – 22 years – either. Nor the calligraphy as its prominent decoration. Nor the beautiful love story behind its marvelous design.

I’m amazed mostly by its symmetry. Everything is so well thought of, well calculated, well executed. I was so triggered to measure all elements, parts, distances, and sizes. But oh well, I was just coming as a tourist :D.

Taj Mahal is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, about 250km from Delhi. It took us almost four hours to reach this UNESCO world heritage site, via Yamuna Expressway which was helpful (it’s a long 190km high way covered in 2.5 hours). Renting a car costs INR 7,500 all inclusive. Taj Mahal ticket (high value) is INR 750.

There are actually two on both sides.

There are actually two on both sides.

I accidentally came across to this song from the movie “Her”. Perfect title.


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