Should A Blog be Controversial?

BlogShould a blog be controversial? In my opinion, the answer is a straight NO; a blog doesn’t have to be controversial. It is much more important that a blog is informative, entertaining and/or inspirational.

See it this way: in the middle of bad-news-attack from various media, people actually are starving for good news. But the mindset of ‘good news is no news’ is so strong and so mainstream that the media feel bounded to deliver more of the bads than the goods.

I am happy to know that just recently the government of Jakarta pursues to engage bloggers in promoting tourism, bearing in mind that these bloggers spread (good) information based on honesty and subjectivity. People love to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions more than advertisements that sometimes are misleading.

I wrote this inspired by a triggering opinion that a blog should be controversial. I then try to reflect this to myself: do I read controversial blog? Perhaps sometimes. I never necessarily look for it, but it’s interesting to read some controversial topics every now and then. I reflect this also to my blog: do I like writing something controversial? Rarely, I simply always keep my writing honest and fresh. It’s a matter of putting the ideas out there. Putting it on the sphere of “google-search”, to make it global.

Being controversial is not the only way to get attention.



One thought on “Should A Blog be Controversial?

  1. Arie Suprayitno Sukirno. says:

    Ass.wr.wb, sy trs gaji kecil, sy blm bisa gaji tinggi. Sy mau tolong truelia bisa tau gaji besar…thanks. kerja desain interior.

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