Turning Back Time

spiral-clockSometimes I wish I could turn back time. You know, repeating what have happened in the past and then redo it better.

I know I am eligible for such wishes, I am no Miss Universe contestants who are designed to say “Nothing I want to change. My past has shaped me to what I become now.” In fact, I am grateful of who I am now. I was not better in my younger days. But really, if only I could turn back time, I would change some ugly moments.

“When one day time machine finally comes to reality, I will definitely stand in the line ready with a list of moments I want to relive… and modify :-)”

To complement this post, I share one of my favorite Sinatra’s songs “It Was a Very Good Year” with a dynamic cover by Ray Conniff and The Singers:

It Was a Very Good Year

“It Was a Very Good Year” was composed in 1961 by Ervin Drake, first recorded by Bob Shane of the Kingston Trio, and made famous by Frank Sinatra.


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