CountEveryone waits. At some point in life, everyone will wait because everything doesn’t happen now. Maybe it’s a minute later, or forty-five. Maybe it’s four months later, or even seven. Maybe it will be in a year or five. We wait.

Waiting is mostly unpleasant. I don’t think I can recall any waiting experience that is pleasurable. Even when I was with the guy I love waiting for the delayed flight. Yes, it was nice to be with him, but hey I wanted to arrive soon at our destination and start our adventure.

Maybe it’s because we have the tendency to want things happen at our time. Doesn’t have to be now, but it has to be at our preference. To hell what people want as long as it’s convenient for us. Selfish, eh? But aren’t we all?

It’s like… waiting for boarding time when the cloud seems so heavy and low. We wish the wind will soon blow the cloud away, or it’s postponed due to late arrival from the previous flight. We don’t care whether maybe there is someone hoping the flight will be on-time cause he has to see his sick mom. We wait for things to change according to our standard of convenience.

Or like… waiting for the President to make up his mind about fuel subsidy. While we, the people, are left confused and suffered from uncertainties. Commodities price goes up before time and price rarely goes down. We can only wait for that to happen before he leaves the office or never.

But surely we want many things to happen now also, because the “now” is our preference. I want to eat now cause I’m hungry I haven’t eaten anything since 11. I want to get out of Jakarta now cause it’s been awhile a breathe the highly polluted air, I forget how fresh oxygen feels like. I want to meet my loved ones now cause I miss them insanely. Yet… I have to wait. I have to wait my Nasi Goreng is being prepared, I have to wait a good chance to work outside Jakarta with good payment, I have to wait for the good timing to visit my people…

And I am waiting for the world to change. When people consume less plastics, when bureaucrats no longer being corrupted, when people stop killing each other, when Jakarta traffic subsides, when I can have enough money in my pocket to travel the world…

At the end of the day… we wait.


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