Random Escapism

I need to talk to somebody,
but nobody’s there.
Was I never there when I am needed?
Was I ever be needed?

I need to go to somewhere alien,
but everywhere is foreign
This is not the place I should be.
Is there a place to where I belong?

I am a tiny dot
in this gigantic Earth.
You are another dot
on the other side of the planet.

Oh well,

I won’t listen to what you say.
I won’t wait for what you’d say.
I won’t look for you.
I will stop. No more.
Can I cry?

I feel like many things I do are wrong.
I am not wrong, you fool.
You just do not understand.

You are all liars. If not pretenders.
Liars are the worst. Pretenders are second worst.
They bring you up with a broken crane.
It’s a broken crane for God sake!


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