Is Life Unfair?

Life-is-unfairThis might be one of the most frequently asked questions in human history–with a slight modification–because people used to ask “is life fair?” or shout “life is unfair!” I too have opinion on this and have changed my opinion several times. Today the question appeared again in my mind. And although I’m quite firm on where I stand now, I’d like to exercise with this particular question. A question whether life is fair… or is it not?

I’ll lay some cases down here for you to chew. Some situation I’ve come to observe in my daily life. Something to reflect on, before drawing a conclusion about the fairness of life.

Exhibit #1. The legless man “standing” under the flyover in Tebet. Yes, he doesn’t have a pair of leg. I never know what’s the story behind it. Whether it was due to an accident, smoking habit, or childhood illness. But that is the fact. He “stands” there almost everyday, wraps the tip of his amputated legs with plastic and wears sandals on his hands to help him walk.

Exhibit #2. A son of a minister involved in a car accident causing two people killed, guilty verdict, but that didn’t get him to jail. According to the judge, the reason was: family of the victims “forgave” him and considered the incident merely an accident. Hmm… forgave him?

Exhibit #3. One woman in her middle thirties. Moving to Jakarta with her (ex-) husband and their one boy. Got divorced and being left behind without alimony. She got married again, got two children from it. Being left alone again. He got another child and now she lives with four kids on their own, no support from her men. One boy had cataract issue and needed a surgery. A couple of years later, her other boy suffered from brain tumor and needed a surgery as well. What a tribulation!

Exhibit #4. A policeman was beaten to death by the mass when he would raid some gambling practice. He was called “thief” thus people swarmed over him and bit him.

Exhibit #5. A young boy did manicure and pedicure for me. I wish he could do something more prestigious than working on someone’s feet.

Exhibit #6. An ex-boyfriend who suffered from psoriasis since he was 9. I used the word “suffer” because he said he suffered from it. The disease has no cure till now and it has hindered him from many things he wanted to do. He never goes swimming since then, he got many bad dating experiences, he felt painful especially in winter time when the air was freezing and dry.

Exhibit #7. A woman with body issues (she’s only one meter height and can’t grow taller–not quite sure what’s the medical terms for it). It was beautiful to hear she found her love of her life and they got married. But only less than a year, her husband passed away due to an acute illness.

Exhibit #8. A woman born in a man body. This is a classic reason why there is trans-gender and homosexual practices. These people hold different soul that doesn’t match their body.

You must notice I listed only “unfavourable” examples, but those are “good” examples to show how unjust this life is. We can not choose to be born in which body, which country, which family, which IQ level, etc. Many things are given and it’s not our prerogative and we’re pushed to live that life the best we could, shadowed with other people scrutiny and judgment. We live with different limitation (limitation is good though, to keep the world in balance). And having said all that… I think life is unfair.


3 thoughts on “Is Life Unfair?

  1. We tend to only notice when life isn’t fair when it goes against our favour. But if you think of all the times you got something by chance or undeservedly you would be surprised. Them the breaks. Such is life I guess.

  2. atiek meja depan :D says:

    few years ago, a friend asked the same question (coincidentally he studied in the Netherlands also hahaha). but i came up with this answer, each human born their fortune and destiny. The more ‘fortune’ they have, the more responsibilities to be fulfilled by them. The less ‘fortune’ they have, less responsibilities.
    I think these phenomenons still can be seen from another perspective, not ours, but theirs. One blind person once said that he’s grateful for what he has now, that his blindness can protect him from ‘sins’ or any unfavorable actions that might happen if he has eyes. Every action will be judged, and these lack of fortunate might save them in the end. 🙂
    I think life is fair.

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