Freedom to swing naked :)

Freedom to swing naked šŸ™‚

Everyone is hungry for real freedom. Always want to be free to do whatever they want, free to choose anything, free to speak up, free to see, free to listen, substantially free of everything. Trivial evidence: most criminals are desperately trying to get out of the bars in any way because… being confined is by no means pleasant.

Unfortunately, freedom is not an absolute. Each person can not have a hundred percent freedomĀ because it is limited by the presence of others. That’s why rules are created. Regulations exist to limit the freedom of individuals so it won’t arbitrarily harm other people. Rules should serve to protect the interests of each individual.

The term “promiscuity” or simply called as “free sex” for instance, has long been widely known as a reflection of how people label those who do not want to behave in the existing “box” of rules. They are regarded as people who violate the rules in the pursuit of freedom. These people do not want to follow the restrictions that hinder their movement to do what they want.

A few days ago I had a fifteen minute conversation with a taxi driver who got me motivated to write this post. I was stupefied by his words. This guy named Surono told me that he had been a Blue Bird taxi driver for twelve years. I was wondering why he likes working there, despite the commission system that this company applies? He said: “This way I feel more relaxed. No stress to reach a minimum revenue.” He also told me about his son who is a driver of a director of some company. I asked why he isn’t interested to be a private driver. He replied: “I have been a private driver for fifteen years. Income is indeed higher, but I didn’t feel free. Always being commanded, often scolded when choosing a route that not pleasing the employer.” Still astonished by his story, he added: “Becoming a taxi driver, I have more freedom. I can work the way I like.”


Apparently it’s not just me who is fed up by the shackles of a boss who is hungry for yeses. It’s not just me who do not feel at ease with the commands that do not fit with my creativity. While I’m still working for people, I won’t feel truly free. So I think it’s fair to say that whoever it is, whatever their profession, everyone is thirsty for freedom? Yeah, I think it’s a fair conclusion and I may state it freely here.

So let’s play around for a while with freedom.

Freedom is to close the eyes from the signs. Freedom is to unplug the speedometer and race as fast as desired. Freedom is to openly share your thoughts. Freedom is to be creative. Freedom is to listen and to follow instinct. Freedom is to believe what you want to believe. Freedom is not having to always follow what others say. Freedom is to feel safe. And of course, freedom is to sleep without setting an alarm and to wake up naturally when our body decides to wake up :-).


I wrote this exactly last year in Bahasa Indonesia. I came across this post and kinda like it. So I translate it to English. Enjoy the original post here.

I now think that the post was not well compiled. It did not focus on one issue (the opinion was scattered between criminal, sex, and job). However, I like the closing remarks. So.. what is freedom to you?Ā Take your time to vote on the poll below. It’s anonymous so you can FREEly select anything you like or even suggest new idea. I’m eager to know!Ā 


2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. oreaoreo says:

    I like this post. But regarding the promiscuity thing, and relating to my experience, I feel more that today the real rebellion, and so freedom, is to chose not to have sex (until you find the person you really like; and I am not talking about marrying this person after. And I am not saying so because of a religious dogma; I am no even such a religious person. That’s why many people just can’t figure me out), since many people (most of my friends, also cheating on their boy/girl-friend) are behaving (even if not openly admitting it) in a promiscous way. Maybe it’s an ecception, because now I am on Erasmus and that’s what everyone expects us to do. And I feel so much pressure on me because I haven’t slept with anyone yet. And I won’t, because that’s just not me.

  2. Oh yes, oreaoreo, I like your comment and I like what you wrote your blog (I follow you now ;)). Surely we can choose anything. Be it being a virgin till you find the person you really like, or until you get married, or until today (hehehe), those are in our hands to decide. However, I personally never appreciate those cheaters who misuse freedom by violating other people’s right to be respected. And well, some people may just sleeping around, some people do not. If it’s not you, don’t do it just to release the pressure. Oh I like it that you have such a strong character!

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