Trashing One Dream Away

Back 2I’m feeling bad today. Kind of feeling I never have and never want to have. Yet it nests there in my soul and got me weary.

I’m feeling I can never be a mother, let alone a good one. It’s a horrible feeling, let me tell you. So – damn – terrible. I mean… if you are a (adult) woman and you can’t picture yourself to be a mother then you’re doomed. I am doomed.

As a single woman living in this big city alone, I often imagine how nice it could be to settle down one day, having my own family with lovely kids and a wonderful husband. But after recently hosting my sister with her three kids (7, 4 and almost 2-year old) for three nights and four days, I learned that I probably can never do that. I mean… parenting. I really don’t know if I have the patient, the time, the soul, the touch, the care, the all-nurturing-bearing. Love is probably the only thing I can be sure of. I have lots of it. But mere love won’t be enough, no. Oh damn.

I feel like crying when writing this down. It’s like I no longer have a dream to reach. It’s like all I do is useless and I’m just wasting my time. It’s like I was thrown into this world with no noble purpose. It’s like I’m just one teeny tiny creature for someone’s entertainment. Oh yes, I can have all the joy of making a good living (still I don’t want to call myself a career woman). And yes, I can help out other people using all resources I have. Definitely yes, I can have all the fun with some guys but then what? I’m getting older and getting less and less useful. I’m all alone and living all this by myself for myself.

Now is the time for questions to pop out of my brain. Is this the reason why I am still single till now? Am I not designed to be a wife nor a mother? Am I not equipped with the aptitude and skill to mothering? Is this a curse or an endowment instead? Should I now trash this one dream to be a normal woman?

Oh, feeling hopeless is terrible, my friend.


2 thoughts on “Trashing One Dream Away

  1. wulanadian says:

    Some women were born to be mothers, some others have mothering thrusted upon them.
    Kalimat asline: some people were born to be great, some others have greatness thrusted upon them.
    Children between 2 years to 9 years are not for the faint hearted. 🙂 don’t get too disheartened. The journey for motherhood starts with a pregnancy. That short 9 months will change your mind about children, and luckily they are born cute, hopeless, smelling of milk. With not much to do but yawning, blinking, drinking, sleeping, and at times: crying.

    On the other hand, some women choose to remain childless, which is also fine.

    • (nek ono button “like” i will like your comment, hehe)

      sounds very honest yet still encouraging :-). i’ll take my time and see whatever the future may bring.

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