LightningLightning doesn’t strike once. It comes and goes, followed by the tumultuous thunder. Just as your traumatic pain.

After the first strike, you spend some dear time to mending the pieces of the damages. You feel die a little bit. You forget how to smile, you can’t sleep. Then you learn to accept and let go. Until after lots of long and gloomy nights, you finally declare yourself as well. You feel you’re healed. You feel fine and strong and relieved.

But, suddenly another lightning strikes again. This time, it ruins your wall and you find yourself trembling. The memories and emotions burst back into your mind, and you wish you can just rip them away. Then you cry in the corner. You are feeling sorry for yourself, feeling guilty for your ugly decision, feeling angry for all the things that didn’t go as you expected.

Then… it’s raining hard. You fall all over again. The tears pour down your face. The heartbeat goes irrepressible. The dream and reality come as one showing their advertisements. But you have no idea which one to go after. And… you creep into your safe place. You slowly restart building your wall. Survival act. You are afraid of another heartache.

Be patient – wise men said. There is no limit for patience. You can always stretch it as far as we need. Oh dear you, sometimes it’s not about being stronger to out of a storm. It’s about being more patient.


2 thoughts on “Lightning

  1. I am patient but I have a very volatile imagination so that when another problem arises I jump into conclusions all the way to the next day . And that mental behavior doesn’t let me focus on today!

    • oh Jesus (hehe, how funny to write something to Jesus), what can I say? To jump into conclusion without knowing all evidence is not recommended by the scientists 😀

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