City I want to see: Sydney

It’s been awhile I’ve been dreaming of visiting Australia—the far-from-anywhere continent—specifically the exquisite Sydney. I heard many stories already about the city. The beauty, the vibrant cosmopolitan life, the clean air, the nice weather (warm summers and mild winters, they say), the culture, the architecture, the lovely harbour (at which I want to spend a New Year celebration one day), and of course the famous opera house that haunting me like a guilty feeling.

Since I love being a tourist (definitely not a backpacker, although I will stay in hostels :-)), I don’t want to visit the city without plan and money. I want to taste every bit of it including sitting in the opera house watching some show. Sydney Conservatorium of Music would be another stop I will make when I am there. At night, I won’t miss the nightspots such as Darling Harbour, King Cross, and Oxford Street. Well, I have no idea how the atmosphere will be, but I heard it’s amazing.

Holding a koala would be another to-do-list (because kissing it will be too challenging hehe…). Joining a whale watching cruise is also in my agenda, therefore I’d better go between May to November. Complicated, since I want to celebrate New Year’s Eve too, oh! Should I stay more than a month then? (I wish money are just falling from the sky… haha).

Okay, now let’s estimate the cost for a two week trip (maybe if I publish one book out of this journey, I can call it investment instead of cost :D) :

Return flight:
up to $1,000
Hostel: up to $50 per night (~ $700)
Local transport: up to $150 ( or
Meal: approx. $300
Sydney Opera House tour: $35 (
Opera ticket: up to $280 (
Wildlife (koala) ticket: $25 or $60 incl. Aquarium and Madame Tussauds (
Other ticket(s): $100
Whale watching tour: $55 – $120

Wham! It’s around $2,745 (could be less in reality, but most probably exceed it due to shopping activity :-)). Well then… it’s now time to recharge my pocket. Meanwhile, I will learn more about the city  🙂


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