The Most Important Person

I’m reading a book titled “The Question Book” now. And as the title says, the book consists of (only) questions. We should provide the answers. Annoying huh? Hehehe… but it’s a good exercise and I am quite surprised by some of my answers!

(The author pushes the reader to answer quickly, to not putting to much thought, and to consider the first answer popped up in mind as the “legitimate” answer).

Long story short, I am stuck in one question and get very irritated by that. The book asks: “who is the most important person for you?” I couldn’t answer that and still can’t! I mean… who is the most important person for me? Most people would reply: children, husband or wife, or mother, or father, or maybe lover, or partner, or anyone. But hey, what’s so wrong with me?

Don’t get me wrong. My family is important for me. My mom and dad, and sister and brother, and nephews and niece. But they are equally important… and they didn’t come right away in my mind when this question was asked. Mmm… let me tell you a nasty secret. Honestly, the first thing I was thinking is myself. Yes. I am the most important person for me. I am all alone, all by myself, sound selfish? oh! no wonder I am still single (speaking of being single, the second person showed up in my mind a millisecond after “myself” was the latest man I was involved with. How ridiculous is that!).

Anyways, this small exercise got me to think that probably that is the way of one’s thinking. Without long consideration—or let say spontaneously—people might tend to mention the last memorable person they get emotionally connected with.

So try yourself. (In the last twelve months) Who is the most important person for you?


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