This is why I don’t like seeing a doctor

I eventually decided to see an eye doctor after my last visit more than three years ago. It wasn’t the same doctor I met the last time — I rarely go to the same doctor anyway.

I knew I have problems with my eyes for quite some time. Myopia is one. And today I (or the doctor for that matter) found another. My shortsightedness is much worse. It’s already classified as high myopia years ago, but the level reach unbelievable figures now. Moreover, now I know too why I usually see some transparent worm-like shapes in my vision (called floaters). The doctor said it’s common for such myopia, but I need to be really careful if not I can damage my retina (she called it: retinal detachment).

She looked worried knowing that I didn’t check my myopia for long time because the incorrect size might cause serious eyestrain. She prescribed me vitamins and two types of eye drops and asked me to come again in three months to see the development. If it’s not getting better, I might need a small treatment: refractive surgery.

So… that’s it. That’s exactly why I don’t like seeing a doctor. I now know too much and knowing too much bad news is not fun. Not to mention the high cost which apparently my insurance doesn’t cover.

The moral of this post is: you should take a good care of your eyes. I am a “good” example of someone so ignorant and underestimating the value of sight. And if you don’t have a good health insurance, you’d better have enough savings for unpredictable rainy days :-).

Stay healthy!


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