Alone, but not lonely

Perhaps it sounds contradictory. It’s a paradox, but not really. You feel it in some of your times: those good times when you’re on your own but not at all feeling lonely. Those are the luxurious times when you can have fun with yourself – the only being who knows you, respects you, and loves you the most. That’s a beautiful state of mind.

Being alone sucks in many ways and occasions, namely: the happy times when you want to share it with a human being and not a silly diary (or blog, ha!), the sad times when you need to be cheered up (and not laughed at), the sick times when you dream of warm soup delivered to your room, the healthy times when you have all the energy to do some crazy fun stuff with someone, anyone…

However, there are also plenty of times when you prefer to be alone, really! That is when:

– your skin exfoliating
– you desperately need to fart, especially you know very well it will be loud and stinky
– you need to scratch your butt
– you need to pick something from your nose
– you cry over something ridiculous


Okay, okay, that was not a good attempt to be funny or helpful. But honestly, you sometimes feel that being alone is good, don’t you? To put it more seriously, you do need your “alone time”. That’s the time where there is just you… well, and yourself.

There are too many things to mention on what you can do when you’re alone. To give you some idea:

It can be a time to think. Think about you, about what you want to be when you are forty. Will you have that small family with two kids or three and gorgeous husband (or wife)? Or will you end up very rich and successful and has lots of men (or women) craving to be with you? 😀 You may not have those thoughts when someone is around — distracting you with their stories, bombarding you with questions and asking for opinion they don’t actually want to hear. Yes, in your solitude, you may have the chance to listen more to yourself, understand yourself, and figure out what you really want.

On the other hand, it can also be a time not to think aka think of nothing! Admit it: for whole life you are pushed to think about everything. Think about work, about money, about what you will eat for lunch or what you will wear for a first date, about time to wake up, about whether it will rain or not, about the traffic, about pollution, about being told that your soap is damaging the environment, about why that stupid guy doesn’t chase after you anymore, yes, about every single damn thing! Don’t you feel tired? Aren’t you tempted to have your alone time and think of nothing? (Funnily, when you actually spend some time of solitude, the first thing comes in your mind will be: why do I do this?)

Anyways, the bottom-line line is: it’s okay to be alone. Don’t feel bad about it. On the contrary, be grateful! It is a luxury many people yearn for. Being with yourself who is the most reliable and believable and won’t do any harm to you. That would be fun!


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