Story of Stuff

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Who doesn’t like shopping? Nobody. If given all resources needed to shop, then I am pretty sure that everybody love shopping. Fulfilling needs is everybody’s need. But do you realize that we now live in the world where piles and piles of products “attack” you uncontrollably? Producers keep feeding you with all kind variants you don’t even need.

I strongly recommend a video prepared by “The Story of Stuff Project” founded by Annie Leonard. I knew this video the first time about a couple of years ago and I loved it instantly. They make it very attractively easy to digest with a very creative narration and illustration. I hope it will change the way you look at your stuff. Enjoy!

Story of Stuff

Although the video are based on the consumerism in the US. I think the issue is applicable to all of us. And friends, we should really stop buying (unnecessary) things. And we should start it soon like… NOW!



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