Climate change and our grandchildren

The COP in Durban has finally come to the end. The “good news” is: a new international (supposed to be legally binding) pact is produced. This pact will more strongly push the emerging countries such as China and India to take action in slowing down the impact of global warming towards climate change, rising of sea levels, extreme weather systems. And all is for the sake of the our children in the future.

I don’t know how to put this nicely, but maybe… “bullshit” is a proper word.

Seriously? Is this all really about saving the planet? About mitigating the global warming effects? About securing the future of our grandchildren? I don’t think so. From what I see, those people sitting around the negotiation tables are thinking only to deliver their job well, to boost their career, to earn or to preserve their good name, to show off skills and authority. It’s all simply about power, money, about feeding those-so-called environmentalists and, well, politicians and capital-owners on this aged Earth.

I do believe that the environment is so damn damaged by human activities and that we – as the dweller of the Earth – need to do something. But, I am very skeptical on how UN making up the scheme to “save the planet.” Again, I only see money is everybody’s primary interest. It is more like a short-cut to distribute the developed-countries’ wealth to the unfortunate ones.

Take Indonesia as an example. The Government has set a policy called: pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-poor*, and pro-environment (which additionally added a few years ago). It means environment is the least priority. Using excuses of not polluting (that) much and that as a developing country Indonesia is still struggling in its economic development, the country tries hard persuading the rich countries to invest their money for clean development. Fake.

Take USA for another example. As one of the biggest polluter, they commit to reduce and/or compensate their national carbon footprint. However, USA had never ratified its commitment to combat climate change. I don’t blame them. I would probably say “bravo” to such courage. They are quite persistent in becoming the enemy of the world :).

European Union is another story. As the strongest group party in the forum, they seem being pushed very hard as the most responsible one among others and seen as the richest “kid in the family.” Therefore, they should “pay” the most. It is so fascinating to watch how EU has not stopped dragging the three biggest polluters from developing economics: China, India, and Brazil, putting more blame on them.

UNFCCC sounds like one big intriguing family, doesn’t it?
(This video is irrelevant, but I kinda like it)

* I actually disagree with the term of “pro-poor” here. Because compared to the other three “pros”, pro-poor is so wrong. No wonder there are more and more poor people around.

** I consider having career in climate change world (I am moving towards that direction). I guess I am not supposed to write something so skeptical like this 😀


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