Cacao or Cocoa?

Fruit of cacao

Image by Petr Kosina via Flickr


What is the difference between cacao and cocoa?

At first, I really thought I was making a spelling mistake when I wrote down “cacao” on a picture I made during my trip to Sulawesi. A friend nudged me and gave me the idea that hey, there are actually two different words for this-thing-related-to-chocolate. So (as usual) I made a google research to enlighten me.

It’s truly amazing how the Internet can help you out in every single question come in your mind, isn’t it?

I found many literatures explaining what cacao and cocoa are. I will attach only two of them and hopefully it answers your curiosity as it had done for mine.

In short, cacao refers to the tree and the beans. While cocoa is more about the products of the beans, such as cocoa powder and cocoa butter. They are both correct words in English and they can be used interchangeably. From the link I attach above, you will find how the original word “cacao” has been replaced through error to “cocoa.” More interestingly, although Indonesia is one of the biggest cacao producers in the world, I just knew how it looks like in reality a couple of weeks ago :-). What a shameful Indonesian I am!



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