The K-Craze

Why Indonesian is so crazy about Korean culture? (Yes, please, can anybody tell me why?! :-D)

Korean pop culture is amazingly penetrating Indonesian market in a fantastic speed. Teenagers (mostly girls) are crazy of all those imported culture and I get the feel that it will last in a relatively long time until another trend come to replace the excitement of K-soap operas, K-music, K-boy bands, K-fashion, and not to mention the K-hair style.

I won’t blame those young girls. The industry knows very well about what this particular segment wants and they work creatively to fill the empty spot just right in time. These girls are obsessed with romance, with the coolness yet manly characters in the dramas, and of course with some cute boys jumping up and down the stage.

I still remember when several years ago the Japanese “invaded” our entertainment world with its famous J-pop culture. It was when (again) teenagers became fans of Japanese artists and followed its popular culture. J-fashion and comic books were booming.

The difference is that J-pop fever came after Japanese technology has steadily stick its feet in our market. K-pop fever works the other way around. Korean uses tourism, art, and food to boost its technology.

I have my own “battle” with Korean. But I can objectively say that I never be a fan of Korean arts since day 1 I watched K-soap opera (nor Japan soap opera, nor Indonesian! I basically don’t like soap opera). For me, K-drama is too “drama queene” (although I must admit that they are not as corny as soap operas in general). I also find it too depressing – I’m always unhappy after watching it, and… I really can’t stand the hair of those “cute” boys in it.

And… I couldn’t enjoy Korean music as much as many people do. The music is not spectacular and the lyrics are foreign for my ears. They are indeed beautiful people, though. They dance energetically and attractively. They absolutely have done such a hard work to be recognized this well.

K-pop has definitely replaced J-pop fame by its mesmerizing good-looking actors and melancholic dramas. I wonder when the fever will subside and be substituted by another foreign pop culture in a few years to come. I wonder when the I-pop (I for Indonesian, not Indian, hehe) will be the champion of its people.



One thought on “The K-Craze

  1. but these recent days, all tv station got so overwhelmed by K-entertainments T.T i feel like we’re being somewhat trend-colonized by Korea. though im not so much a fan of indonesian music or those lame local dramas, but i still prefer them in our tv station.

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