Random Statistics #1

40% of male tourists visit the Philippines for sex.

Some spontaneous questions in mind were:

  1. Are Philippines girls that attractive?
  2. Are Philippines girls that cheap?
  3. Are Philippines girls that attractively cheap?
  4. Is it limited only to the girls?
  5. Is it a worthy strategy for tourism?

But then I browse the Internet to look for some evidence, or at least to know whose statistics it is. It turned out to be the US ambassador for the Philippines’ statement which does not have sufficient back up to support. He then had expressed his remorse and apology for making such strong statement.

Read the news here

Nonetheless, I am pretty sure that male tourists come to Indonesia mostly for its pretty beaches (beach walking, snorkeling, sun-bathing), its rich seas (diving, surfing), its delicious food (hot spicy sauces and fresh seafood), its tremendous volcanoes (we are in the ring of fire, aren’t we?), and its exotic culture (the dancing, rituals, crafts). It is definitely not for sex (or at least not at 40% rate, hehehe…)


6 thoughts on “Random Statistics #1

  1. Terra Nullus Australis says:

    Let’s be blunt here. The Philippines isn’t exactly a classy destination for tourists, Half the year it’s blown away by Hurricanes / Typhoons, it’s got very few quality beaches apart from Borocay and the cities are dull, shanty towns and mostly ugly squalid places. The main draw is the women (and ladyboys if you prefer a man in woman’s guise).

    As for the Philippino women. Most that the tourist are likely to encounter are quite pretty, but money hungry, vapid creatures looking to hook a wallet, oops I mean husband from overseas at what ever the cost. It’s either that or work as a prostitute for many young poor women. Hardly choices that appeal to many and not what they had in mind at school.

    Now Indonesia, let’s be brutal, 90% of the tourism goes to Bali, where there are wonderful beaches, lots of cheap alcohol, food, accomodation and cheap women available by the armfull. Don’t kid yourself that’s what attracts many men to Indonesia, cheap booze and women. The advantage is that there’s a cultural base beneath all of this that is also interesting to many tourists. However, the bottom line is tourists (especially from Australia) can behave like total animals in Bali and get away with it, their antics disgust the more educated Australians and there is no way they can behave so badly at home.

    Sad isn’t it!

    • Your comment is another blog post to write :).

      Well, before some research is done then let me kid myself that many male tourists are still quite civilized in choosing their tourism activities in Indonesia.

      What you depicted is indeed sad…

      • Terra Nullus Australis says:

        I depict the truth … sadly most of the males go there for surfing, booze, sex and cheap food, cheap booze and cheap sex, either with other tourists or with the uncounted bargirls who infest Bali.

        I wish I could sugar coat it but that’s not my way.

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