Apology, mercy, and the road to purity

After completing the struggle of holding back desires and negative emotions during Ramadan, Muslims are then celebrating Ied el Fitr on the first of Syawal — the tenth month in Hijriyah calendar. This time I am going to highlight one beautiful essence of the holiday — that is to forgive each other.

We all strive for the purity — to be able starting over the new chapter, to get rid of the hatred, resentment, animosity, and anger.

Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me. –Anonymous

To apologize is so easy and effortless. And we do it for ourselves, for our personal purpose to be forgiven, to be cleaned from anyone’s chamber of detestation.

To give mercy is something else. It is completely different and for me it is (still) harder to do than to ask for forgiveness. Small sins and mistakes are plenty and not really a problem — we can easily forgive and forget. But there are some big mistakes, deep wounds, and bitter betrayals that are hard to forgive — let alone to forget.

I could apologize to anyone I need and will not care too much if they eventually forgive me or not. For me, as long as I do my part – apologizing – it is no longer my prerogative whether I will get the mercy or not. But! When someone asks for my clemency, I need to be sincere in forgiving. And honestly; it never is that easy.

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. –Mark Twain

Nevertheless, I promise myself to try my best to forgive, to learn to forget and to let go. I need to purify my soul and by that… I have to eliminate all hurtful feelings in the heart. In this occasion, I’d like to bid my heartfelt apology to anyone out there whose life is touched by me. I am sure that somehow I cause some ache in your heart.

Oh, please forgive me.



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