Vicious Circle of Love

I love him who doesn’t love me.

He loves her who doesn’t love him.

She (probably) loves someone else who doesn’t love her.

And guess what?

Someone probably loves me but I don’t love him back :).

That’s how it works.

One day we’d be so lucky to love someone who does love us in return. Be grateful. Make the most of it because most of the times trials and tribulations come and unfortunate circumstances happen. Be strong.

And when the Universe is being so kind to us, to let us dwelling in a loving and nourishing relationship… then we are blessed.

Yes, my dear friend, that’s how it works.


PS. If “love” is such a too strong word for you, you can actually replace it with “like.” It is basically the same.
PPS. Congratulations to all of you who just experienced a what-so-called heartbreak. A heartbreak is always good. It leads you one step closer to your true being. You will find someone new. You will find someone better.


6 thoughts on “Vicious Circle of Love

  1. Terra Nullus Australis says:

    Heart break from a series of failed relationships can last a lifetime or more. It can sour a person and their entire outlook on life, love and the world in general. Millions of women after both world wars never married because they lost their sweethearts in war. Men too never married because they lost their women. A classic example is the English Astronomer Patrick Moore.

    • That’s true. We are bound to be broken and twisted nevertheless. After some heartbreaking losses, we’ll never be the same person. The bright side is (if I can call it bright): we need only to live this given life the best we could.

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