Decision Making Tool

I firstly knew the tool from a colleague who was talking about how to decide keeping or firing an employee. I change it a bit here, based on my opinion and how I would make the decision.

This is a two-dimensional chart consists of two parameters: competency and friendliness. It forms four quadrants: Reward, Keep, Tolerate, and Fire. A competent and friendly employee should get some reward: compliment, money, promotion, or chance to build more capacity. A competent but unfriendly employee is for keep. These are people with excellent performance but somehow are not able to easily get along with other colleagues.

The incompetent and friendly employee is tolerable. The fact that they once were successful to enter the organization is something to put into consideration. These people can be hold and trained to be more competent. The last quadrant is for an incompetent and unfriendly employee. Fire them :-).

Multipurpose Tool

The interesting part of this chart is that we can modify it and use it for plenty purposes. For instance, for picking a guy, hehe. Let say… we use two parameters: look and wealth. The chart will look like:

Fun, isn’t it? And this will definitely more fun if only we make it a three-dimensional chart which will result in eight possible decisions. Be as creative as you like!




7 thoughts on “Decision Making Tool

  1. apin says:

    wah… Kok penilaian berdasarkan ganteng/jelek, kaya/miskin.
    gimana dengan iman, akhlak, personality dan takdir? jelek&miskin tp pny strong will, one day akan jd good looking dan kaya raya lo…

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