I Can be Anything

If I want to, I can be anything.

You want me to be tough. I can be tough. I won’t cry over any disappointment. You know, when I cried in front of you, it was because I thought you were an important part of my life. You’re allowed to see me cry, you should be honoured.

You want me to be ugly. I can be ugly. I have been ugly for years. It’s not hard a thing to do. I can dress down. I can wear baggy pants and loose shirts. I can wear no powder on my nose.

You want me to be stupid. I definitely can be stupid. Lol! That’s the easiest thing in the whole world! And I’ll follow your stupid game. And play dumb. Being smart is sometimes boring.

You want me to be reliable. I can be dependable. I can be like a robot who needs no rest and feel nothing.

You want me to be fragile. I can be fragile. I can act vulnerable whining about the unjust world.

You want me to be nice. I can be friendly. I am naturally attentive.

You want me to be distant. I can be far-off.

You want me to be bitch. I can be evil.

You want me to be insensitive. I can be oblivious.

I can be anything you want, if I want to.

The question is: do I want to be those things?



2 thoughts on “I Can be Anything

  1. Fer says:

    Nice writing my dear Amalia… is this dedicated to someone?? hahahaha because I could dedicate to comeone this words… if you know what I mean 🙂

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