Nonsense: Good Intention

Poor dog, isn't he?

What matters is the good intention. You must have heard that wisdom. That is NONSENSE. People don’t see the intention. People see only the act. No matter how good your intention is, people will only judge what you do. That is why many people are so busy kissing ass, wearing mask, pretending to do a noble deed, or even pretending to do evil. Intention is something subtle. We can’t really see it. Although, we can actually feel it.

Lately I have given out so much energy and emotion to the things I did: my job, friends, and people I care about. None of them is well appreciated.

Well, sometime in your life, you have tried to do your best and you believe that you do your best, it turns out: only you who understand the good in it. All the efforts, the energy, the thought, the money, the sweat, the tears, the time, and the good intention are in vain. Sometimes it is because people don’t think you do well enough. Some other times people think it is better if you do nothing.

I am not a great pretender. I am pretty far from that. So when it comes to people can’t see the good I did, it breaks my heart. Big time.

This is an emotional post, I know. So what? This is what I feel inside, this is what people see. Don’t  you care less on what my intention on writing this? No, of course you don’t care. All you care about is that this post is here. Out. Able to be read. Or, you don’t care at all. WTH! This is my room of honesty. This is where I can yell out loud and pour my heart out through my writing.

Intention. What a lonely word that is.


3 thoughts on “Nonsense: Good Intention

  1. pheww… I can really feel “it”.. I think the air is not good lately. I also feel very emotional, not that I’m angry or upset about things.. but depressed.. uncontrollable sadness.. mweehh…

  2. wulanadian says:

    The British saying:
    “The pathway to hell is paved with good intention. ” 🙂
    Some people say that only the actual deed matters, but I always think that the intention matters more.
    Stand your ground, keep having good intention. 🙂 Patience pays off.

  3. doesnt mean you stop believing that “good intention wont meaningless or useless. it wont cause the bad one”? hopefully no 😉

    while in other case, do our (good) intention is the way to avoid us from “no act, intention only”? im onboard with u 😀

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