Braces: Beauty is Painful

Yes, I finally have my braces on. It does not look as bad as I thought. It is not as painful as I imagine either. I started the process on November 2010. The dentist began to analyze, made the treatment plan, and then I need to have several teeth pulled out. In my case, it is only two. In an extreme case, it can be up to eight teeth! Don’t be afraid, it wasn’t hurt at all. It was just a little weird afterwards having your mouth a bit empty, hehe.

But one thing suck the most is the fact that I can’t eat. I literally can’t eat. I can’t bite, I can’t chew. My teeth are powerless. My dentist told me it will take a few days or maybe a week to adapt and will take three months before my jaw will show some changes. These two days is the hardest. I was starving. I ate instant porridge and mashed potato. I ate snacks (the unhealthy ones). And I drink milk. At noon I ordered steamed pangsit. And I was frustrated when I couldn’t eat it. I finally cut it small and “chewed” it using my tongue and palate (the roof of the mouth). I need rice!

This is dramatic. I love eating. And this braces rip one of the things I love so much. I remember my “last meal” was not so special. It was only nasi capcay. But well, I am grateful I had quite quality meals the last couple of weeks. I had iga bakar, rawon, bebek goreng, sate kambing, nasi padang, KFC, sate padang, sarden, sate ayam, sop buntut, and balado terong.

What a price to pay to get these teeth straight. So for you all who don’t have to experience this braces period, you are definitely so lucky! 😀

So, let me give you some tips about having braces:

1. When is the right to have braces? It is now. Yes, don’t postpone it for another time. I should’ve had it when I was younger. But I was too shy and my parents weren’t that rich so they never really push me to wear braces.

2. Before the D-day, have a wonderful “last meal.” Eat the most complicated meat you can have. You wouldn’t even be able to eat vegetable easily.

3. Have some pain-killer ready. Mefenemic acid is a common solution, and Ponstan is one of the brands. But due to bad history on my bowel, I consume ibuprofen. People say that the pain will come only in early days and the days when the braces are straightened.

4. Have enough stocks of ready-to-swallow-food such as instant porridge and potatoes, milk, jelly, yoghurt, pudding, ice cream, fruit drink, and snacks. Keep yourself not-hungry. Because if you’re hungry and you can’t eat rice, you will be sad :D.

5. Think positive, be visionary. Yes, for all you will trough for a couple of years, just remember that this pain is for the sake of straight pretty teeth :D. This thought will keep you optimist.

Happy bracing! 😀


4 thoughts on “Braces: Beauty is Painful

  1. wulanadian says:

    How is it that i’ve planned to wear braces earlier and you end up wearing it sooner?
    Life isn’t fair my friend… 🙂
    Just think, when it’s time for you to remove those brackets, i will still be wearing mine.

  2. hey! i thought we’ve already agreed a while ago that life is indeed unfair 😀
    it’s like you’re visiting canada before me, hehehe

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