30 Things to do Before 30

Alert: very narcissistic post. Run for your life! 🙂

I have the idea to make this post because it is new year and I am getting older. I never really make any new year resolution before. Mostly I only make such thing on birthdays. Anyway, let’s go to the point. Here are the things I want to do before I turn 30. I really will make some serious efforts to achieve them.

In alphabetical order:

  1. Buy a property
  2. Buy my mother some jewelry
  3. Cook for my family
  4. Dance among strangers
  5. Dye my hair
  6. Finish reading The Godfather, Adolf Hitler, and David Copperfield
  7. Get lost in a country where I don’t speak the language
  8. Get married 🙂 (I just realized that I never put this in any resolution. Well, I think now is a good time for it)
  9. Get my thesis published
  10. Go to an opera
  11. Have an official Amalia Suryani website (soon after I finish importing my [selected] writings on multiply to this WordPress profile)
  12. Have some holiday trips with my boyfriend/husband
  13. Join a yoga class
  14. Learn French or continue learning Dutch
  15. Learn Salsa dance
  16. Learn to drive
  17. Learn to use my SLR camera decently and then practice it 🙂
  18. Make a top model photo style of myself
  19. Publish one novel which is not teenlit
  20. Spoil myself with a full day body treatment: spa, massage, menicure and pedicure
  21. Swim 50 m three rounds in a row (= 300 m)
  22. Take my sister for holiday overseas or to watch a music concert she wants *
  23. Traveling around Europe (um, can I do this? I have only two years left! The outstanding countries are Spain, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, uh oh… I should stop. This list is just extended uncontrollably)
  24. Traveling to Vietnam or Australia or New Zealand
  25. Try diving or paragliding
  26. Try skiing (assumption: I am able to visit Europe)
  27. Send some serious comments and criticisms to the President
  28. Straighten my teeth (I’ve started the process since last month, hopefully on January I will start to wear braces. And hopefully I have straight teeth before I am 30)
  29. Switch jobs until I find the one I really enjoy
  30. Wear a dress to work


I and Wulan agreed to make this list at once and publish it exactly on the first of January. We have a totally different world now: my world of being a single woman and her world of being a wife and mother. Nevertheless, we both come up with 30 interesting things.

Happy new year! Wish you a wonderful year ahead!

PS. You can always make your list yourself. And for the ones who are already above 30, well, you can change the number as you like 🙂

* Syarat dan ketentuan berlaku 🙂


11 thoughts on “30 Things to do Before 30

  1. wulanadian says:

    David Copperfield durung mbok woco? Padahal wis kapan iku tak kek’i… (eh, soko aku duduk?) @20 enak ndek martha tilaar. @25 i’d love to hear of you paragliding @27 aduh iki wis tak tulis ndek catetanku, tapi gak mlebu blog! sebel…!!

  2. ali says:

    oo pantesan lia oran jawa solo ya ,pantes pemikirannya bgtu gak rasional…….pakek ngjlek2kin bb lagi,lo ga punya duit pakek bb ga usah gak usah nulis2 begini,.ga punya dasar,…naik angkot aja sana ,,klo klurga saya mah saya percayai sama bb,,

    • lhee… mas ali ini komen soal taksi kok di postingan yang ini ya… udah gitu pake nuduh saya orang jawa solo pulak! nuduh2 nggak punya dasar! pemikiran nggak rasional!

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